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The charms of Alsace ‘à la carte’ at « Roger Hassenforder »

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

The Hotel is closed for renovations until 04/30/2020,
Opening and inauguration of the apartments from 01/05/2020.
Booking request on request by email.

At 129 rue du Général de Gaulle in Kaysersberg, a wrought iron cyclist mounted on a large “Bi” hangs over the door of the hotel-restaurant “Chez Roger Hassenforder”. Amélie and Christophe Frey, aged 24 and 27, welcome you to this mythical place which is dedicated to the famous Alsatian cyclist who was a star of the Tour de France during the 1950s.

In 1999, Roger Hassenforder sold the business acquired in 1964, to the Frey family, Swiss restaurateurs. Two great passions have cemented their friendship for 20 years: hunting and good regional cooking.

In 2002, this young couple took over the family business, happy to bring to life the warm, friendly traditions of this beautiful 17th century house opposite the Albert Schweitzer museum. The “Hassen” style has been retained, but the hotel concept has evolved. With a friendly hotel side, the business concentrates on groups, offering holiday packages organized in this picturesque, green region between vineyards and Vosges mountains.

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Roger Hassenforder ?

Roger Hassenforder

Roger Hassenforder a collectionné les victoires entre 1953 et 1959 et a été l’égal des plus grands. “La classe à l’état pur”, disait de lui Félix Lévitan, directeur du Tour de France. Mais Roger Hassenforder, coureur brillant et plein de panache, a surtout marqué le monde du cyclisme par ses quatre cent coups, ses facéties, son extravagance. Cet anti-conformiste, que – Pierre Chany, de l’Equipe, disait entre Louison Bobet et… Fernand Raynaud – a jouit d’une extraordinaire popularité parmi le pulblic, entrant par la grande porte dans la légende du cyclisme.